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Embrace Hispanic Culture & Heritage

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the vibrant tapestry of Hispanic cultures that enrich our community.


We are honored to share with you four stories of Hispanic individuals in South Carolina who honor our heritage by their perseverance toward a bright shared future for all people.

Week 1 - Sept 15

Chef Diego Campos Brings Latin Flavors to the Heart of Greenville

"I love teaching about Latin products, flavors, and spices. Anything from Central or South America - I want to teach people about what we have to offer." 

Learn how Diego Campos is on a mission to introduce the diverse flavors of Latin America to Greenville and how he's making an impact through his culinary creations.


His mission goes beyond cooking; it's about using food to bring people together and empower the Hispanic community in Greenville. Through his work at Camp, Diego not only tantalizes taste buds but also fosters a deeper appreciation for Latin cuisine, enriching the cultural tapestry of Greenville.

Week 2 - Sept 12

Claudia Newbern builds bridges with Hispanic Alliance to Welcome Newcomers in Charleston

"I'm constantly preaching that education changes your life, because it changed mine."

Claudia Newbern, who was born and raised in Colombia, has a teaching philosophy that is deeply influenced by her personal and professional experiences. Her goal is to empower Hispanic students and help them take pride in their cultural identities. Claudia goes beyond being just a teacher; she serves as an ambassador for her students' heritage.


She guides Hispanic students in embracing both their cultural heritage and their dreams, encouraging them to pursue their goals with confidence.

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