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Doing It "Vachy's Way"

Under his emblematic golden “V” logo, Vachy Meraz commands the creation of a growing brand bursting with high-end, yet affordable, products and experiences. Awe-inspiring décor, exquisitely exotic flower arrangements, rich, jeweled fabrics, and sensual lighting are the backdrop of Meraz’s impressive repertoire.

“I like glamorous, out-of-the-ordinary items. I am from the north of Mexico, and we use a lot of vibrant colors,” he shares, passing his hand over the pieces in his showroom. “I do it my way. I have learned that when I do it my way, I make people really happy.”

Doing it “Vachy’s Way” took his talents from purely personal to publicly lauded in ten years. From initial requests from friends, made with flowers from his own garden, Vachy’s Creations Enterprise now encompasses arrangements and décor, Vachy’s Ballroom, and fashion design.

Vachy’s Way: Risk and Reward

Holding the reigns of his own future produces deep personal satisfaction, and an overflow of joy and generosity to share with others.

Meraz becomes emotional reflecting on his journey: “Sometimes you don’t find the people that will work in your dream, but sometimes you find people who are willing to risk everything for you dream, and those are the people you want to keep with you. Money, you can make it work somehow, but quality people… This business is all about emotions. If you don’t feel it, you’re not going to make it right.”

“I feel so much for my clients,” he enthuses. “I can connect with people to see what they really want. It brings me joy every time I do, and I think that’s one of the reasons this business grew so fast.”

Early in his career, he noticed that language barriers and expensive materials were discouraging many Hispanic celebrations from enjoying high-end design. By moving expertly within his own familiar traditions, resourcefulness, and budget-conscious clients, he increased access and became an innovator in Hispanic fashion.

“Even though this is a business, I never count the money,” he insists. “I just say give me your budget, and I will make it happen no matter what.”

Today, Vachy works the top Hispanic events in the Upstate: Jaramillo’s Latin Dance Academy Gala, the Hispanic Alliance “La Fiesta” Gala, the Hispanic-American Women’s Association Gala, and Latinos United events. In addition, he quietly donates large portions of his services to his nonprofit clients.

His message is simple: “We are here to help the community raise funds for different needs, and collaborate in any aspect!”

Vachy treasures his international clientele, insisting that cultural groups have been some of his biggest promoters. Recently, he partnered with the Indian Association of Greenville for their “India Day” and “Diwali Gala” for over 1,300 people!

“I try to understand their culture. I take time to do research for that specific theme or event,” he says of international clients. “Then, they say to others, ‘Go see Vachy, because he will understand.’”

“This business is all about emotions. You have to have the heart for that,” he concludes.

With a heart as big as his confidence, Vachy and his Enterprise is more than welcome to conquer the world.



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