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Every year National Hispanic Heritage Month is observed and celebrated by Americans across the nation. The celebration began in 1968, under President Lyndon B. Johnson, and was made a month long celebration in 1988 by the U.S. Congress. Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the contributions of Hispanic Americans to the country at the same time Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Belize celebrate their independence.


Hispanic Heritage Month is a wonderful opportunity to recognize Hispanic culture and to celebrate the achievements of Hispanic Americans who have had a great influence on America. Generations of Hispanic Americans have enriched our nation by making contributions in science, education, the arts and politics.


The Upstate of South Carolina is a unique and inclusive community where many Hispanic individuals and families are thriving and finding opportunities to contribute and give back.


This page has been created to promote the events taking place during Hispanic Heritage Month in this region of the country. We invite you to join our nation’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month in our community by organizing events that highlight Hispanic cultures and acknowledge the contributions of Hispanic Americans in your organization, school, company or place of worship.


Send us your Hispanic Heritage Month events, and we will help promote them and connect you to volunteers and resources. Feel free to share your ideas for events, and we will publish them and refer you to others interested in collaborating.

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